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Twitter has increasingly become one of the key ways that ideas are shared in real time on the internet.  As a learning tool, it can be incorporated in your instruction in multiple ways, including as a feed into your course Moodle site or Wordpress course site.  This session will overview ways in which it may be used in a variety of disciplines to engage students with real world discussions, debate and ideas.  An increasing number of faculty are also using as a way to not only express their ideas on a variety of topics, but to engage with colleagues around the world in meaningful dialogue.  In this session, participants will create a Twitter account, learn some tricks and tips for tweeting, and participants may also learn how to embed it in their courses.  Each studio has a “challenge” asking participants to create something so it is helpful to come with an idea of what you might want to create so your work is of practical real benefit to you in the future.  In these studios, we encourage participants to also share their work with colleagues as a way to collectively learn and see how others adopt and use these tools.

Thursday, June 22, 2017
11:00am - 12:00pm
OL 346
Kamloops Campus
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Joe Dobson