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In this spring studio, participants will be introduced to a few tools for collaborating and doing webinars using two applications that are free and easily accessible.  The first of these, the BigBlueButton, an open-source web-conferencing application, is one of the plug-in activities in Moodle and is a powerful way to present and collaborate.  Features include: allow participants to present using files such as PDFs and slides, built-in polling, a chat feature, desktop sharing, a live whiteboard where the moderator and participants to comment on documents and more, and sessions can be easily recorded and shared for participants to access later.  Appear.in is quite possibly the easiest way to videoconference on the internet.  With “rooms” available for up to 8, it requires no login, and once you create a “room”, you can easily share with those you want to speak with and for those concerned about privacy, no content form sessions is recorded.   In this studio, we will workshop these two applications and you are encouraged to bring your mobile device to use.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
10:30am - 12:00pm
WL 1293
Williams Lake Campus
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Event Organizer

Joe Dobson
Karen Densky
Navdeep Aulakh