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Thursday, April 5

1. Creating an embedded reading list in Moodle… ethically – Kathy Gaynor, Library
This session will look at how to leverage already copyright cleared materials from TRU Library and create a reading list (required and supplemental) in Moodle without having to worry about violating copyright legislation. 

2. Life Writing towards an Ecological Activism of Joy - Jodi Latremouille, Education
Humans are now coming up against hard limits to our life on earth, and yet, through various ill-measured responses, we are effectively leaving the long-term ecological and social consequences to future generations. I consider how it is possible to cultivate more measured (Gadamer, 2004), yet always imperfect responses in these “ecologically sorrowful times” (Jardine, 2015, p. xv) through a heart-mind-ful and place-based pedagogy that is oriented towards diversity in ways of knowing and connecting with others, an openness to the unknown, and to respectful relations with humans and our more-than-human kin.


Thursday, April 5, 2018
12:30pm - 1:30pm
OL 127
Kamloops Campus
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Event Organizer

Karen Densky