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CELTalk - Democratizing Assessment in Higher Education AND Intercultural and Place-based Pedagogy

Democratizing Assessment in Higher Education

Presenter: Gloria Ramirez

Assessment is one of the most important, yet elusive aspects of teaching and learning. Recent innovations in higher education pedagogy include student-centered teaching approaches, yet rarely is assessment aligned with these new paradigms. In this presentation, I will share implementation of peer and self-assessment in undergraduate and graduate courses and my reflections on lessons learned on the benefits and some of the challenges involved in implementing these forms of assessment.

Intercultural and Place-based Pedagogy

Presenter: Robin Reid

From an educator’s perspective, the myriad of the world views and experiences of students in the classroom provide opportunities for new ways of knowing, seeing, and experiencing the world. Place-based education has the capacity to extend the learning community beyond the parameters of the university and to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous, domestic and international students onto the local landscape. By intentionally using place-based and intercultural pedagogy, this SoTL project draws on student reflections to investigate whether intercultural learning occurred through a place-based walking tour assignment.

Thursday, November 8, 2018
12:30pm - 1:30pm
OL 127

Event Organizer

John Churchley